Our Work

Full Spectrum Doulas: What We Do

We are a volunteer-driven collective with a vision to provide free doula support to people experiencing abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth and to people providing children through adoption or surrogacy and their transitions.

We also engage in community activism and advocacy within the reproductive justice movement. Our goal is to create a compassionate and inclusive community, responsive to people’s unique experiences with pregnancy.

In addition to our regional organizing, Full Spectrum Doulas has played a key role in national advocacy efforts. We work closely with The Doula Project to support grassroots full spectrum doula organizations across the country and to raise awareness about full spectrum doulas as a valuable support source for pregnant people. As the full spectrum doula movement grows, we are working with different stakeholders in the direct services, policy and advocacy arenas to expand the doula model of care to people across the full spectrum of their reproductive decisions, experiences and outcomes.