Full Spectrum Doulas is in the beginning stages of formation. It was started in 2010 by pro-choice doulas and reproductive justice advocates including the current Founding Members and Core Organizers in Seattle. Our core organizing group consists of people with training and experience as birth and/or postpartum doulas, midwives and other reproductive health and justice advocates who are all deeply committed to reproductive justice values. We are currently working to establish relationships with clinics in the Seattle area, at which time we will provide a two-day training that will enable us to begin our work in clinics.

Full Spectrum Doulas was founded in the vein of The Doula Project who has been providing similar doula services to women in New York City for over three years and supports start-up projects across the country. The Doula Project provides training and access to their resources and materials to Full Spectrum Doulas and our volunteers.

For more information, we encourage you to visit their website: www.thedoulaproject.org

In collaboration with The Doula Project, Full Spectrum Doulas has become the go-to organization for full spectrum doulas in the Pacific Northwest and are supporting the growing interest and contingency in the area.